The Itch

10 08 2012

This summer has gone by quickly. Last post I reflected on the fact that I can’t highlight any notable experiences this summer. I also realised something else: I had not yet filmed anything.

Every summer I at least try to make the effort to film something. Not actually finish it, mind you. I still have a footage from two other movies that will probably never see the light of day. But it’s good to scratch the creative Itch at least once a year- to dream up scripts, create a plot, scrounge for props, make do, coerce actors, shoot angles, run out of time, edit into something coherent. The process is almost more fun than the actual product.

But here it was, August already, and summer was running out. I needed to scratch the Itch, and soon.

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Audio: Part 2 {Pro Scores and FreeSound FX}

12 03 2012

Oh look, here’s finally the second post about Audio! Read Part 1 if you haven’t already.

In a continuation of Part 1, I should of course mention Video Copilot’s Pro Score music creation package. Personally, I have used this product in every single film ever since purchasing it. Containing hundreds of sound elements, strings, percussion, layered tracks and more, Pro Scores is well worth the $100 price tag (although you might be able to catch it at a lower price on other reseller sites).

Now for something different: Free sound effects.

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My First Attempt at a Webcomic: Immutable Flux

7 03 2012

I recently decided to start a webcomic of sorts, titled “Immutable Flux“. I’ve always enjoyed using After Effects to create stylized pictures, and having found several places online to use royalty-free pictures, I want to craft a post-apocalyptic digital graphic novel.

Now for the record, I am aware this is very similar to the webcomic Romantically Apocalyptic (which I highly recommend; if you have not had the pleasure of reading it before, start here). However, I had this idea before I ever heard of RA, and while both are post-apocalyptic, mine has a more serious tone with a different feel to it. Besides, RA is also far more artistically superior than anything I could create, so I won’t even try to compare my comic to it.

So here it is, my first attempt at this kind of thing. We’ll just see how long I’ll keep this idea going.

Immutable Flux

My “Mentors” Part 2: Freddiew & Corridor Digital

6 02 2012

Wait! Read Part 1 first.
Now where was I? Oh right, Video Copilot.

Day by day I’m learning more, until one day on their blog I see a link to a video entitled “Chrono Trigger”. It was by some YouTuber I had never heard of- Freddiew- and featured some of the muzzle flashes and debris footage from the Action Essentials 2 pack. Intrigued, I clicked on the link.

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Reversible Green/Blue Flex Screen

2 02 2012

Let me just start by stating that I am very, very excited about this new piece of equipment,

I think there are certain defining moments in every filmmaker’s life, accomplishments to add to one’s experience. Like the first movie you put on the Internet, or when you realize how time-consuming rotoscoping actually is, or the first time you pull an all-nighter just to meet a deadline.
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New Video! and Short Film News

5 01 2012

Well, we have finally hashed out the basic idea/script for our short film project. With only 2 weeks to shoot and edit it, this month will be stressful!

Until then, here’s my latest completed video to tide you over


My “Mentors” Part 1: Video Copilot

5 01 2012

Let’s talk visuals.
Specifically, VFX visuals.
More specifically, where and how to learn about VFX.

For the uninformed or blatantly ignorant; VFX stands for “Visual Effects”.

As an amateur film editor, I found out early on that eventually you’ll need to have some VFX skills, or else your video will look…lame.

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