Audio: Part 1 {FreePlay, Incompetech, Neverrain, and LeafyLane}

16 09 2011

It’s certainly been a while since I last posted! No, I haven’t been working hard on a short film, so I can’t really use that as an excuse.

Let’s talk audio.
Specifically, audio in movies.
More specifically, music/scoring.

As a totally amateur filmmaker (in the broadest sense of the word ‘filmmaker’) I know the frustration of having no budget, and trying to find good quality music for free.

Early on, I found FreePlay Music. It seemed like an answer to prayer- a MASSIVE library, only great music, downloadable for free… But it was just a little too good to be true. It turns out that you can download everything for free, but you can’t use it in a video without paying for a license.
Not to say FreePlay is terrible or anything, it’s just a tad pricy for someone trying to keep costs under $20.

So where else can you find truly free music that is also royalty-free?
During my perusing of the web at some time or another I came across

This site is an amateur filmmaker’s dream. All of the music is created and composed by Kevin Macleod but there is quite a lot of it!
You can download it, work with it, and publish a movie with if for free. However, he does politely make two reasonable requests:
1. You include him in the credits of your production (so he receives the recognition he deserves for making the music)
2. You make a freewill donation. Making all that music and running the site costs him money. The least you can do is donate $10 for using a his songs.
He also does music for commissions. In other words, you pay him to make a specific musical piece, and he can create it tailored to your need. Prices vary based on the difficulty of the commission.
You can browse by album collection:
You can also search by Genre (Disco, Action) or by Feel (Aggressive, Bright).

Another site I recently came across is Neverrain, by Eric Jordan.

Eric is an extremely talented individual who works at 2advanced, a design company. A few years ago he began creating long trance/electronica/techno/dance style music. Each runs about an hour in length, and can be downloaded at for free.
I’ve found that they have some great progressive beats that can be used for action-type scenes. However, I haven’t even begun to fully explore the wealth of over 20 hours of music!

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave any questions or suggestions in the comments. I’ll update this post whenever I come across new sites.

Click here to read Part 2!

EDIT [9/27/11]
-Kevin Macleod (of Incompetech) posted about this site:
It looks like everything on THAT SPECIFIC PAGE are for absolutely free, as long as you credit “Tom Cusack” (the creator of it). You can use it however the freak you want. He asks that you donate if you use the music.

EDIT [4/1/2012]
-Kevin Macleod posted about site too, which is set up similarly to Incometech:
Same deal as Incompetech; totally free, just give him credit, please donate.




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17 12 2011
Blake Baker

You should definitely do more vlogs!

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