Reversible Green/Blue Flex Screen

2 02 2012

Let me just start by stating that I am very, very excited about this new piece of equipment,

I think there are certain defining moments in every filmmaker’s life, accomplishments to add to one’s experience. Like the first movie you put on the Internet, or when you realize how time-consuming rotoscoping actually is, or the first time you pull an all-nighter just to meet a deadline.

Well this is the first time I have ever owned a legitimate, professional greenscreen. Sure, I’ve used large pieces of green paper or cheap green blankets before. But up until now, I had never used a chroma key background designed specifically for that purpose.
Naturally I did my research- watching indie how-to’s, reading reviews of affordable products, scouring eBay & Amazon for the best deals.

I’ve learned quite a few things along the way about chroma screens. Most importantly, you need a glare-resistant, even surface. No highlights & no wrinkles. The best material I could find (and afford) is muslin. For those who might not know what this is, it’s the material many camping tents use. Fairly durable (much better than paper!) and is affixed to a flexible metal frame that keeps it stretched out & rigid.
Also, the fact that it is blue and green means you don’t have to lug around two screens!


The muslin and frame combined are extremely lightweight, even lighter than my tripod. I purchased the 5’x7′ model, which folds down to circle that is 3′ in diameter.

Ah yes, and therein lies the rub… Trying to fold the freakin’ thing into a circle. It took me approximately half and hour to figure out the process- “the taco folds into the tortilla…”- until I got to the point where I can fold one down in under 2 minutes.

For reference, here are a couple videos showing how (second one is more for laughs):




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