My “Mentors” Part 2: Freddiew & Corridor Digital

6 02 2012

Wait! Read Part 1 first.
Now where was I? Oh right, Video Copilot.

Day by day I’m learning more, until one day on their blog I see a link to a video entitled “Chrono Trigger”. It was by some YouTuber I had never heard of- Freddiew- and featured some of the muzzle flashes and debris footage from the Action Essentials 2 pack. Intrigued, I clicked on the link.

5 minutes later, I’m hooked.

I watched every video on their channel, and instantly subscribed (no-brainer there). Totally worth it. With his videos I realised “I could do that. Give me an airsoft, camera, and computer, and I’m ready to go.

The coolest part of their channel is the fact they went from relatively unknown to 1 million subscribers in a year! How did they do this?
1- They found a niche audience. They thought “what do people like?”
Answer: Guns & video games. Or just gun video games. So Freddie and his friend Brandon began making these kind of videos, and tapped into that games and guns culture.
2- They look like professionals. They know how to use VFX and make it look polished, and they score as well. Brandon is more focused on the Editing effects and 3D work, while Freddie (who used to be a world champion Guitar Hero player) does a lot of the music and is also good at post-production work. Both of them verging able to split up the editing allows them to put a video out almost weekly.

Through them I found Sam and Niko’s Corridor Digital. Freddiew & Corridor Digital have teamed up on multiple occasions, mostly because they know each other quite well.

Corridor Digital has a similar feel to the Freddiew channel. But instead of cranking out a video every week, they take a lot of time between projects, which allows their content to be more ambitious and VFX heavy.

Much can be learned simply by watching them both and studying how the videos look, but the best part is that they both have put out tutorial videos on their respective 2nd channels (Freddiew2 and Sam+Niko). Freddiew, of course, covers stuff like muzzle flashes and audio stuff; Corridor Digital teaches things color correction, color grading, and 3D motion tracking. (Freddie’s muzzle flash tutorials are also really good if you have the Action Essentials 2 package.)

That wraps up part 2 of my mentors list. Last, but certainly not least, will be Film Riot in part 3.




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