Audio: Part 2 {Pro Scores and FreeSound FX}

12 03 2012

Oh look, here’s finally the second post about Audio! Read Part 1 if you haven’t already.

In a continuation of Part 1, I should of course mention Video Copilot’s Pro Score music creation package. Personally, I have used this product in every single film ever since purchasing it. Containing hundreds of sound elements, strings, percussion, layered tracks and more, Pro Scores is well worth the $100 price tag (although you might be able to catch it at a lower price on other reseller sites).

Now for something different: Free sound effects.

Relatively recently, I found the holy grail of royalty-free libraries.

FreeSound is a completely free creative commons site where anyone can share their sound effects with others. I know what you’re probably thinking- “Anyone? This must just be sea of low-quality files, captured with cheap microphones.” To be honest, many are. However, the rating system helps separate the poor quality clips from the gems, and sometimes even the bad recordings are salvageable. I have found gun shots, heavy breathing, chalk scratching, ringing in the ears, blood splatters, whipcracks, punches, crunches, and much more.

You may not be able to find exactly what you’re looking for, but chances are you just have to think outside the box Foley-wise. Repurpose other sounds; for example, “Squishing fresh tomato” works quite well for a blood hit or a sickening splat. “Dropping a sack of potatoes” becomes a person landing on the ground. “Loading a gun” sounds great as a USB flash drive lid popping off.

So have fun! Go crazy and get creative.




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13 03 2012

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