The Itch

10 08 2012

This summer has gone by quickly. Last post I reflected on the fact that I can’t highlight any notable experiences this summer. I also realised something else: I had not yet filmed anything.

Every summer I at least try to make the effort to film something. Not actually finish it, mind you. I still have a footage from two other movies that will probably never see the light of day. But it’s good to scratch the creative Itch at least once a year- to dream up scripts, create a plot, scrounge for props, make do, coerce actors, shoot angles, run out of time, edit into something coherent. The process is almost more fun than the actual product.

But here it was, August already, and summer was running out. I needed to scratch the Itch, and soon.

So I decided to just make something. Nothing too elaborate, too fancy, too long, or too ambitious. Just… something. I finished spraypainting a Nerf pistol and laid the necesarry supplies out on the living room couch. Then I called my younger brother (who stars in pretty much all my films) to “come and see something”. He trotted downstairs and into the room, blissfully unaware of the torture I was about to bestow on him. He stopped, took one look, and wearily sighed. “Filming?” he asked, already knowing the answer. Ten minutes later I had convinced him to join me outside wearing a long-sleeved leather jacket in +85 degree humid weather. I chose to wear my usual post-apocalyptic garb: The long black trenchcoat, with a scarf to obscure my face and mirrored goggles to hide my eyes. No doubt people thought I was crazy. I probably am. But I had to scratch the Itch.

Four hours, three ice-cold waterbottles, 2.5 GB of footage, and thousands of complaints later, I finally finished. Me and my brother were drenched in sweat, and completely worn out. I still have hours of editing ahead of me. But the Itch was relieved. For now.




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