JohnFilmsIA is exactly what the name implies actually- John films in Iowa. But since it’s easier to just say it as one word, I just pronounce it as “John-film-shuh”. (Like Fantasia, but not as cool.)


I’m just a 17 year old who happens to have several editing tools at his disposal. I make short films with my friends for fun, but then try to bring professional-ish VFX into them.

My mentors of sort are Andrew Kramer (Video Copilot), Ryan Connolly (Film Riot), Corridor Digital (Sam and Niko), and Freddie Wong (Freddiew on YouTube). [Here is a post regarding these ‘mentors’.]

I hope that you find it worth your time to take a moment out of your day and watch a little bit of my work. Feel free to leave a question or critique in the comments section below blog posts. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!


Feel free to contact me at


What do you think?

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