Audio: Part 2 {Pro Scores and FreeSound FX}

12 03 2012

Oh look, here’s finally the second post about Audio! Read Part 1 if you haven’t already.

In a continuation of Part 1, I should of course mention Video Copilot’s Pro Score music creation package. Personally, I have used this product in every single film ever since purchasing it. Containing hundreds of sound elements, strings, percussion, layered tracks and more, Pro Scores is well worth the $100 price tag (although you might be able to catch it at a lower price on other reseller sites).

Now for something different: Free sound effects.

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My “Mentors” Part 2: Freddiew & Corridor Digital

6 02 2012

Wait! Read Part 1 first.
Now where was I? Oh right, Video Copilot.

Day by day I’m learning more, until one day on their blog I see a link to a video entitled “Chrono Trigger”. It was by some YouTuber I had never heard of- Freddiew- and featured some of the muzzle flashes and debris footage from the Action Essentials 2 pack. Intrigued, I clicked on the link.

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My “Mentors” Part 1: Video Copilot

5 01 2012

Let’s talk visuals.
Specifically, VFX visuals.
More specifically, where and how to learn about VFX.

For the uninformed or blatantly ignorant; VFX stands for “Visual Effects”.

As an amateur film editor, I found out early on that eventually you’ll need to have some VFX skills, or else your video will look…lame.

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Audio: Part 1 {FreePlay, Incompetech, Neverrain, and LeafyLane}

16 09 2011

It’s certainly been a while since I last posted! No, I haven’t been working hard on a short film, so I can’t really use that as an excuse.

Let’s talk audio.
Specifically, audio in movies.
More specifically, music/scoring.

As a totally amateur filmmaker (in the broadest sense of the word ‘filmmaker’) I know the frustration of having no budget, and trying to find good quality music for free.

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